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The decision to attend Andrews University may be one of the most important ones you will ever make. We are a diverse and innovative community ready to help the next generation Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World. 

Andrews University is the heartbeat of Adventist education. We are problem solvers. We are fixers. We are World Changers. Join us!



World Changers Made Here.

Freshman Students

I am a first-time college/university student interested in earning a degree.

Transfer Students

I am new to Andrews and have attended another college/university.

Graduate Students

I want to futher my education with a master's or doctoral degree.

ESL Students

I want to learn English as a Second Language (ESL).

Undergraduate Team

Wendy Keough

Executive Director, Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions

Phone (call us): 269-471-3611
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Hectmarie Cruz-Peña

Manager of Undergraduate
Enrollment Counseling

Schedule an Appointment

Phone (call us): 269-471-6323
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Emeline Carter

Senior Enrollment Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-6063
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Jahaira Silie

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-6718
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Carlos Martinez

Enrollment Counselor
Recruiter for Freshman students

Phone (call us): 269-471-6319
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Yvanna Valcin

Freshmen Enrollment Counselor

Phone (call us): 269-471-6870
Phone (text us): 269-280-4943

Graduate Team

Jillian Panigot

Director of Graduate Enrollment 

Phone: 269-471-6321

Jan Pickett

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator
College of Arts & Sciences and College of Health & Human Services 

Phone: 269-471-6188

Robert Myaing

Graduate Enrollment Coordinator 
College of Professions and College of Education & International Services

Phone: 269-471-6553

International Credential Office

Erica Batista

International Admissions Credential Evaluation Coordinator

Phone: 269-471-3834

Injae Son

International Admissions Credential Associate

Phone: 269-471-3834


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